Friday, March 6, 2009

O jogo do Anjo

Another day behind, Justyna went to the doctor with Oliwka to ask for help and calm her worst fears related with the persistent long sickness of the small one, The doctor did not want to give nothing, just advice to give plenty of water and also complement with Actmel, as this kind of yogurt has some natural bacteria that helps the stomach in its work. He also said that if she does not drink enough water we will might need to go to the hospital to have a drip to supply the necessary fluids and mineral, idea that not pacify and calm us. Meanwhile Me and Cristine met Justa and Oli after the appointment in the surgery and together we went for a majestic breakfast in a cafe that we were enamour for a while, it has some lovely chairs outside but nevertheless we opted to sat inside in a window close to the door, where we could not missed any spell of the Sun, that this morning was particular active. After a delicious breakfast we carry on our visit to a park, the Fortune Green, a long park that covers a long space of cemetery, The walk was peaceful as the place invite us, Here is necessary to note that this cemetery are shaped in a way that not remind the depressing cemeteries in Portugal, These have some more spirit and charisma, The element of nature and the people passing by transmits some idea of normality and at the same time respect as it deserves overall and not loneliness, Nevertheless the walk after a while start to enter in a labyrinthine space that made myself already desiring to get out of there.

Out, we went to the shop to buy our goods, essential the Actmel. This small yogurt is now where I am depositing my hopes for a quick recover of Olivia. Since she tried, it become the solid food that she most enjoyed in the last days, She ate two, been complementing with a lot of water and tea and also a soup made of water from rice, rice and carrots, It was a pleasure to see her enjoying so much the last one, Now she drunk for the first time today milk and felt asleep, pushing in the process mummy for her desired rest.

Me and Cristina found our self in a happy coincidence that we need to clarify, For a fortune chance we are reading the same book, giving us an opportunity to discuss part of the book, and doing some bluff about what it will gonna happen next, while the other one has not read yet
The book was offered me by daniela, it is a a magisterial book from Carlos Ruiz Zafón, O Jogo do Anjo. If since the beginning it become difficult to stoop read it, if per any cause I need to go to the toilets, eat or sleep, but now is almost impossible to close the book and leave it out of my hands, essential because the main character David Martin it could also be me and my story of life. At this point of the book I loved this person and I am praying for the best but I have a feeling that his lucky will never turn.

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