Sunday, March 1, 2009

Walk among friends

We are back to London, and also to our duties, Tomorrow I will have my last day of mental therapy before Tuesday I will be all photographed by Ct scan and MRI scan to inventory what was the damages done by the chemotherapy. This evaluation will be done in the following Tuesday. Thus, tomorrow we are going to a centre of healing, place that I went once before the first operation, The area is gorgeous and I hope to get a bit more of calm and relaxation needed to the next days.
If for a few weeks I almost forgot the Cancer that I have no matter where, But the last days I confess that started to weak up the feeling of a lot I still need to be submitted, and even with some tranquility in my days, I am still fear what it will be waiting for me there. I agree with saramago when he says, I know what will be waiting for me there, but speaking for myself, I still busy here to know what is there.
During the visit to Poland in the missing of my Polish speech to communicate with them, a lots of time was used to read, and the book, viagem do elefante, by jose saramgo it was the one I must enjoyed to trust my time. I found myself compared with the adventure of Salomao the elefante, He as me, been passing through a long road, sometimes flat, sometimes curve, of course I cannot compare myself with what he passed, his suffering to my experience. Nevertheless, the freezing temperatures he lived one is way, I also have a little experience in the East Europe. The book focused also issues very important to my personality, especial the respect for all kind of human been and disrespect for the hierarchies, the artificial over the natural.
So much, we here in the Western can learn with the Asian civilizations.

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