Monday, March 9, 2009

Who wants to Bet?

Ola amiguinhos,

I am writing this lines already in the consult of Doctor Fusai, I wanted to avoid but by now my thoughts are very much in the tomorrow's appointment, I will try to get some sleep and rest this night to be ready to face the decision for my short future.

Today I was a bit nervous and stress, I could not avoid some tears and I looked for the comfort of Justyna to relax. Justyna today was essential to keep me in control of myself, we went out in the afternoon to a coffee shop. Nevertheless we could not stay longer because Olivia decided to do a surprise and left her touch defecating, and the task to clean her it was enormous :)

Different aspects we need to clarify tomorrow, Depending from the results from the scans we will know what it will happen next, But also I want to have some explanations for my back pain.

I must kept myself attached to my principals or religion, Is not a day or an appointment that can save my life or finished too, The life cannot exhaust tomorrow, I am sure I will be alive after tomorrow again in spite of tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e Princesas!

Muito boa sorte e ânimo...
FORÇA e vamos a ACREDITAR!!!

Beijinhos para todos

Carla Damásio