Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cycling in family


Tonight Olivia slept as I have not seen never, doing almost all night in a deep sleep, probably guessing a very enjoyable and fulfil day that it was about to come later in the day and she was not wrong.

Destiny was small city called Gouda close to Rotterdam in Holland, different country from Belgian where we are based but made closer by the speedy motorways, also by the bridges that the Dutch with a lot of persistence and wisdom rescued a thousand islands lost from their territory. Thus, in last than two hours we were there. I almost forgot to thank you also to the open borders that make all this countries in only one, facilitating the mobility from this people and today us.

The landscape here is slightly different from Belgian due also to the fact of been a country took from the seas, because of that is much more green and the its country side looks more attractive, at least for me. Without wasting more time, in the destiny was Carla & Luis and their sons, Francisco and Rodrigo waiting for us, I have not seen the parents for more than two years, It is too long without see a friends. But at last it was great to hug all the family and meet the babies.

Olivia did not lose any time, straight open her friendship to Francisco and small Rodrigo which is only a month younger than her, so both known and understanding their problems, they got on very well, Olivia never more would remember about mummy or daddy this afternoon until she felt hunger. It was lovely to see her very happy within new environment, She tested their entire toys special a piano.

The best would come after lunch time, this without disregard to the lunch in itself and Carlas´ capabilities in the kitchen. As we all went for a small walk around the beautiful city, walked transformed in a bicycle journey for me Justyna and Oliwia, We took Luis and Carlas bicycles, Not only us but Oliwia was in a dream, in her first bicycle experience. Could not be better place to realize the dream than in the country of the bicycles, Is the same with bulls in Vila Franca De Xira. The experience was more like moving in a meticulous tracery of canals, small bridges and pedestrian roads where the people moves like ants, looking in my eyes if they are moving without any destiny, only there as a decor, I cannot explain why so many people can go out in a Saturday and driving in such a speed, today there is no work to attend or neither a kids to pick up from the nursery, so why does this people behaved like that. Anyway we were lucky to feel the spirit of our brothers of the road. This portray is much favoured by the water that is everywhere, willing to steal any peace of distracted land.

The speed of the bicycles only had parallel with the speed that the afternoon had to pass, The time to back home and to say good bye unfortunately arrived, anyway was the promise of more days like had to come.

After in the evening I cooked a Quiche of Salmon and the night imitated her brother day, with a perfect night, in spite of the Portuguese football team did not break down the Sweden goal. Anyway there is always a next time :)

Just now I learnt by some changes in the secretary that my operation scheduled to 16th of April become closer, firstly it was when I pass the channel I needed to move forward one hour the clock and now again one more hour with the adoption of the British Summer time. Very Lucky.

Sorry for all the pictures bellow, but I could not resist

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