Saturday, March 14, 2009

World upside down

Again able to flavour a normal and pleasant day. In spite of we could not follow our plan to do a walk today, we relaxed at home, with Olivia in a good mood. It is amazing how important is for me the fact how Olivia is feeling. When she does not have any problems and shows happy I am also feeling much better.
In the afternoon we went to meet with Shubi in her place, It is always good to be with them, as they transmit us all their good energies, and Olivia looks like also loves to be there with Shubi, Tom, Rayan and the Taz. Today for the first time she decided to eat by her own. Using her hands to fed her self. Bravo Oli.
Sorry for this simple short words, but along time I would like to have a friendly word for all my friends that are suffering with the crises, essential with the problem of jobless. I remember to read some time ago, that we called crises when your neighbour lose the job and depression when you lose your own job. But we hope the good times will come soon.

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