Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long trip

We been trying to have a most normal day as it possible, after the hangover of yesterday. I need to admit I was very sad with all the unclear prognostic, The day was a fight somewhere in my soul between the bad thoughts and the good ones, I am trying hard to have the best spirit, This afternoon after a good sleep I woke much more relax and positive. I know that I bought the ticket for all the journey, it is long but I need to go until the end, There is no other way and the negativism and miserly will not help me.

Justyna took the decision to do few things and calls that we have been procrastinating, like if we put all the things of our life depending from that desired operation. But I think is better to have a different approach, only thinking about today.

In the night we both had a unforgettable moments with Oliwia, I would pay to be frozen in that time, but the life is unfair or better not complacent with egoisms.

Olivia dropped now in the arms of Morpheus, good night coração.

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Ana Cristina said...

olá queridos!

Ao contrário do que se desejaria ou não... o mundo da medicina ainda é um mundo de incertezas! mas deste modo deixa ludar à esperança, à fé, à coragem, à força... :D
Características que tens demonstrado ter :p

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