Friday, March 13, 2009

Walking in the Park

The day took us again to the Hospital to see Dr Tim Meyer. After waiting 1 hour, the appointment had place, For the information he had in his hands and for his experience he calm me saying that what the scan is showing is very unlikely that would be a cancer, the tissue in the Pancreas must be a scare tissue from the operation and the pain in the back should be a muscle pain. Nevertheless he will examine the scan again to make sure, then if there is a problem he will contact me. For now we agreed to meet again in two months.

I come much more calm, and because the weather was nice, we decided to enjoy a brunch in the restaurant and after go for a walk in the Hampstead Heath. Good to relax and fill up the lungs with pure air, this in spite of some pain in the back.

Nice week end

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jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder and girls

Bom fim de semana ,por cá está um sol fabuloso já cheira a verâo

Mais calmo assim é que eu gosto vai correr tudo bem
um abraço