Monday, March 2, 2009

Formosa Oli

Today it was my time to sacrifice for Oliwka, Instead of the family going to the Hospital because of me this time unfortunately my Angel needed to go to the Accident & emergency of the Royal Free Hospital, This because since 2 AM she started to vomit and having diarrhea, and at 7 AM we decided that she most been seen by the doctors. In the hospital they tranquillized us saying that should be a bug. Until now she has not repeated the vomiting what is good, Even if the diarrhea it still present. I hope she will have a better night and tomorrow would feel better.

Thus, all the morning we spent in the Hospital, returning home already 3PM. Afternoon I been trying to relax and avoid to think too much in tomorrow and in the persistent pain in my back that I feel, Even if numerous scans never find out anything in my back, it is still difficult for me to turn my back for the back pain. After all this I need to see a physiotherapist, as the surgeon once mentioned to me.
Tomorrow I will start with the MRI at 8.45 and jumping straight into the CT scan at 10.AM, This conciliation of schedules is great because in that way, fasting only one morning I can do both exams. For the MRI I need to think that I will be in the beach in the Algarve, as my claustrophobia do not allow me to live happy inside that box.
Now is time to eat the last bucha or snack and put off the candle that fills up my bedroom with good energies.
See you tomorrow

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Rosália said...

OLá amigo Helder
Espero que a tua big princesa já esteja boa, "bug" é um virus?
A tua menina está linda!E que tal o frio da Polónia? Deve ser mt bonito.
Muita força para continuares o teu combate, coragem que vais vencer. Tem esperança em dias melhores.