Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mums day


A Sunday that was lived with the spectrum of the death of Jade Goody, In the morning me and Justyna faced the news of her death, already expected, but we both fall in a deep consternation and silence. Without speaking too much we understood what meant our sadness in that moment, It is something that can happen tomorrow to any of us. Additionally we have some experience to know the psychological pain and suffering associated to a such human tragedy. My sorry is not only because of the person in case which I did not know but, overall for what represents, Unfortunately in the hospitals every day we can find people passing through the same situation, when it was withdrawn and removed any chance to live or even to dream, I think after the surprise and the shock that is to been told you should not have any illusions this will be your last days, after it will come the entrails (Fernado Pessoa), you just dive in a deeply amorphous sleep, like if you would be in a bad Dream, Your life it will be around you and not going faraway from you any distance more than 5 meters. A dense curtain will descend over you and after you will see only through a fog. I was a few weeks in that line and this his what I remember. The strengths and courage slowly also will leave you to go to other places, and even crying is something that will become more rare.

Fortunately today in the afternoon we had the visit of our friends Kaska and Rafi, lovely to have a lunch and after having a walk outside in this earlier summer, I offered a bite of Portugal, my specialisation, bacalhau with bechamel.

It is good that the days and weeks are going so quick, my Liver I am sure are desiring to face the taste of the sharp knives and feel the warmth human hands, as now is giving me a constantly call, with a tiny pain around the area, Probably is happy that the surgery will be very soon, I need to tell him to stand just few more days, All will be OK mate.

But for the operation I need to have a battery of checkings and exams to asses my general condition, Thus, tomorrow I will be in the Royal Free Hospital to see the doctors and anesthetist to sort out this preliminaries.

In spite of this words today that probably you will find not the most positive, I reassure you that everything is alright with me, Just there is always a tiny sadness and anguish in my soul that I cannot get rid off. There are so many things to celebrate but also so many to do not...

Last week we had the Fathers day here in UK and to Mums to do not feel jealous, today they had their Special Day, Of course this day should be celebrated every day but it is an opportunity to reaffirm the virtuosity of the Mums, I have already the best experience with my mum that any son could have, She is simply the best mother of the World. Fortunately you all think the same as me. But now seeing Justyna, I understand even more the special place that mum conquer in the babies heart, out of reach for Fathers love.

Good Monday if it is possible.


Anonymous said...

Olá Helder e princesas!

Um beijo especial para a Justina neste seu dia (assinalado). Cá é só em Maio, no 1º Domingo.Cuida dela. Para o ferro baixo recomendo espinafres, agrião e beterraba. Qual a causa? Foi apurada?
Pensamento positivo para o que aí vem. Viver um dia de cada vez, que estes serão semanas e aí em diante...
A Olivia está linda!
Que tudo corra pelo melhor com os exames pré-operatórios.
Beijinhos para todos.

Carla Damásio

Ana Cristina said...

Ânimo e desânimo fazem parte da "caminhada" que estás a fazer. Nem todos os dias são maus e nem todos os dias são bons. É preciso tentar tirar e apreciar de cada dia aquilo que tem de mais precioso, de mais delicioso...

Desejo que o dia de amanhã passe bem depressa! E á velocidade com que os dias estão a passar, é num abrir e fechar de olhos que vai chegar a véspera do "novo ano"

As tuas miúdas estão lindíssimas na foto. :D

Mts beijos
prima Ana