Thursday, March 19, 2009

Open Sesame

Ola amigos,

I need to thank you Oliwia to be a Early bird, only in that way also I could woke up early and get advantage of the lovely weather that still persist in London. We have been almost all day out, either walking around or just relax in a nice coffee shop that we found not faraway from home.

About the fathers day I am sorry but I will not tell nothing, This is to do not offend the country where I am living, because here that day is celebrated in June. In fact it will be good to me to celebrate two or even three times the Fathers day, I need to check when is it my day in Poland, Olivia will be busy all the time thinking in fathers day :)

Olivia is not walking yet but is already keeping her self standing up, managing with the help of her hands that crabs anything and her tiny legs even weak but are responding strongly to her wishes. Thus, she knows already all the content of each drawers in the house, She looks like Ali Baba, instead of a Cave is her draws and wardrobe where she finds her treasures, She is amazed with what she could find in the drawers and shelves. Of course we need to go around and tide up again the treasure.

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