Monday, March 23, 2009

Assessment day

Oliwia as usual was our alarm clock, at around 7.30 she awoke everybody, now more I also could sleep. Slowly we got ready to pay our last visit to Royal Free Hospital before the operation, time that I will move my residence there for a while.

Later in the morning already in the Hospital I saw the nurse that assessed my condition, such as the Heart by measuring blood pressure and by a ECG (electrocardiogram), assessed the liver and kidneys by blood testes, and took samples of the tissue from inside the nose and skin in pelvis to track some species of fungous that lives in the skin. A doctor from the surgery team it was supposed to come around, but the meeting was delayed to the eve of the operation if not before.

The rest of the day we past indoors as the Sun did its farewell yesterday, today the raining arrived and I slept in the afternoon.


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Anonymous said...

Que bom que já terminaram os exames, vais ver que os próximos dias passam num instante!!! Estamos a torcer por vocês, beijos: Ju+Zeca+Ana+Nini