Friday, March 27, 2009

City of smells

Manneken Pis Grand Place at night
Lotus in the restaurant

Grand Place in the noon
Flower somewhere

Today after my request the weather cleared and Brussels opened the streets to our will to discover the city, not leaving nothing to know, Anyway is easy to find and reach whatever place we want, for that is only necessary to flow following the smells that are presented at all streets. Thus, some areas the Kebabs shops and its unmistakable smell gives the orientation to the most distracted tourist, some other areas is the generous fragrance of the chocolate, gaufres or just the bakeries that guides in between the small roads. So, if nobody has labelled like that before I will be the first person to entitle this city, the city of the smells, I am sure the hero of the novel Perfume from Patrick Suskind would not need to have any map to cross Brussels. I am sure all the streets that always end up in the Grand Place would give him a multiple orgasms by the smell on the air, Probably the manneken pis already represents a boy lost in his constants orgasms.

In the newest area is impressive the importance that the EU has in the city, there is a unique city only for its buildings and for all the lobbyist that needs to be around to catch all the millions to give away, But also all the staff that works for the European institutions we can feel them always around, several languages can be listen everywhere.

It is also because of the sin that the chocolates and the gaufres always revives and bring to the diabetic, which makes the city a forbidden city for diabetics. Probably is just because of the smell that my sugar levels in blood have soared.

The food in the city is something compared to Portugal but leaves England miles away behind, overall for its quality and presentation. In our lunch we went to a place where we tried tartine in the Le Pan Quotidien, delicious my friends, and in the evening Filipa and Luis offered us a none less high quality meal, this time was in a Vietnamese restaurant.
Tomorrow we are all going to Holland to visit our friends Carla & Luis and meet for the first time their small ones Francisco and Rodrigo

Tot ziens

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