Friday, March 20, 2009

Don Quixote

It is the sugars, it is the Cancer, It is the chemotherapy, that not allow me to do what I use to do, Working, doing jogging, playing footy, or just go out in the evening, and thousand other things, Nevertheless there is something that I still have, freedom to dream and to be mad, to built up my castles even if only in the clouds, The Lady(s) already exits to occupy the throne now is necessary to find our refuge to live our happiness life.

I am willing to dream as much as possible until I will not awake from the dreams, I prefer to find my fortress and live forever in that dream rather than in the reality where all of Us are living. So many unbearable injustices and unhappiness become part of our breath.
Olivia is always close to us in this wandering, it is not a easy task but we have only One World to walk and a big battle to win. We are seriously dreaming to have a break and travel after I will conclude my business :)
Good to have weekend knocking on the door, it was a very intense week, I am really almost crazy, let us have a rest.
Lovely weekend

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