Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tom and Jerry

The house was full of good energies and smiles from our guests. Vasco left early after woke up, I hope he was not upset for sleeping with me, I tried to behave good in bed :) And Gosha was with us until evening, Only in then she left to Reading. Let us see what will born from the new friendship between Vasco and Gosha, we are patronizing this. Olivia and Justyna were very happy to spend all day with Gosha, Olivia had new books read by new Polish mouth and Justyna could talk and talk with her close friend from the studies in Krakow. I was a bit out in the morning because I went to the Hospital to drop again a bit of blood for the regular tests.

During this year we had almost weekly visits of Luciana, a Psychoanalyses student which we helped, actually Olivia helped her just let to be observed by her eyes. Today was the last observation, Olivia must be happy because she never liked this, She felt that she was under scrutiny.

Justyna took Gosha to the train station in the evening and all evening and night was for me and Olivia, It was good time together, We laughed so much with the adventures of Tom and Jerry, I always loved that pair of friends and it is always great to review them.

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