Friday, July 15, 2011

Kids party

Olivia had a friend's birthday party today, she was so excited with the party and to sing the Parabens that we arrived earlier in the party, we were the first guests. It was funny to witness how much the kids grown up, Exactly a year ago we met the same kids in Jean's birthday, they are all now much more independent and more communicative, the parents are only needed to bring them. Olivia brought a guitar for her Brazilian friend, I have the feeling that we will contribute to the arise of a new rock star in a few years, So memorize the name of Jean.

I was all day very tired and with belly cramps through the day but tomorrow I am sure I will be better, Olivia is also now with a diarrhea, and a constantly farting, as father. She is already telling that it was me or mother instead of her.

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