Monday, July 11, 2011


Last night Olivia had a very high fever as well as this afternoon, We went to the doctor but understandable she could not do a full diagnosis, because Olivia does not present any specific pain, or blocked nose or any rash, The doctor booked another appointment for this Wednesday to see if there is any new clue. We are still scare of this being Measles as apparently there was an outbreak of this disease in Olivia's school. Today, Olivia did not go the nursery and was treated as a princess. There was hot chocolate, Peppa Pig and books all day.

The only time we went out was to the library, she wanted to pick up her favourite book that she had reserved, Gorilla by Anthony Browne I already promised that I will paint or draw the Gorilla, as she loves it.

In Portugal I know two persons who are the most happy in the World.

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