Monday, July 18, 2011

Giant courgette

It is not only in Portugal but also here we can wait too long for an appointment with a doctor, I had a terrible fungus that for a while I almost could not walk because of that, all the medicines prescribed by the GP did not work and I have been referred to a Dermatologist. But only today, almost two months after and when the problem is better I finally saw the dermatologist. In few minutes the doctor concluded everything, I told him my history, the medicines that I took and did not sort out the skin problem, but also I told him my believe that it was a special honey that I applied in the wound that had helped to improve the skin problem, When I said that I saw such an ironic smile that I did not know if I should been sorry for me or for him. I am not sure about anything but He is sure about everything, Good.

Back home I still had time to go to the Barnet Countryside Centre with Olivia, Justyna today has been in bed, Looks like the bug went now to her. But on our way to the centre me and Olivia found a huge courgettes that somebody was giving away. It will be a lovely meal.

Olivia in the afternoon had a great surprise, I brought a lot of books from a freecycler, she was in heaven.

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