Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Princess Aurora

Olivia does not have fever since yesterday afternoon, this morning she was in such a good shape, with a very good mood, Then we decided to take her to the nursery, But after an hour we they called us because she was not enjoying to stay there, just wanted to sleep and stay in the lap of the teachers, She most be still with a virus. At home she slept all afternoon. Today our bed was left dry and clean. Tonight, we can go back to our mattress again :)

With all this rest in the afternoon the problem will be in the night, Olivia will stay up until late. A couple of hours already went by, We been entertained watching in the Internet the ballet Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty, Olivia is completely fascinated by this classics. Probably her long rest was duet from a pike from one of Aurora's Roses.

Myself had a Reiki session today, All the session and throughout the day I could not find the calm and the good thoughts to fly through the day. I will try tomorrow.

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