Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The wheel of diseases turned again to Olivia, Justyna was much better today, but Olivia still goes with a persistent diarrhoea, today in the nursery they sent her home because she was again weak and pale, Tomorrow we will go to the doctor to see how to get ride of this bug. Olivia hopes tomorrow she could be better to go to her last day in the nursery, she was even busy but happy cooking cakes to take to the party. It was not the party tomorrow and she would have been already dispatched to Portugal, She was only convinced to stay after we told her about the event, and I do understand her, she wants to feel the Summer.

For me the day went quick, I did a few things that made me more happy, When the Sun was still shining I met my neighbour and friend Jim outside who offered me a book which he told me that was inspirational for him, So now I need to discover The Case for Faith from Lee Strobel, a faith book to follows the one I am still reading and much more unfaithful the Greatest show on Earth from Richard Dawkins, about the theory of evolution of species, to be honest I am finding too specialist. This discussion and others were addressed in my meeting with Bill and John :) Finally we were able to repeat our afternoons like we did more than five years ago when our three live together. It was a big laugh :)

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