Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Being High

Since 1.5 years ago when we moved to High Barnet we have been planning for several times to meet our friend Bia who for coincidence was already living here in Barnet, but for this or other reason our meeting never happen. But, this morning finally we had a breakfast together, the secret was to not do a big business about this, We just met her on evening and schedule for the next morning the meeting. Too many days in between always disturbs.

We spoke about different things but we found a subject that interests all of us, the Herbalism, she is a professional and us consumers. After tomorrow we have already booked another meeting to speak about things, like herbs and natural medicines that can help me through my crusade.

This afternoon I had such a good time in the Reiki session, difficult to explain, It relaxed me deeply, I was constantly drop to a nap and waking up, always seeing a very bright light in my head, somebody was working there. The way from the Cherry Lodge were I had the session, until home took me more time than usual, because I wanted to taste and take advantage of this feeling high, Like if would have been in drugs.

At home I thing I infected everyone with good spirits, We had our lunch outside in a perfect atmosphere, listening the birds and the wind around, after lunch we all tried to have a nap, just Olivia did not let us go in that direction.

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