Monday, July 4, 2011


This Monday we took advantage again of the Open day in our neighbours Barnet Country side centre and we went there to spend the morning until become time to Olivia goes to the nursery. It is a very simple place but it has a lot of charisma, All breaths nature. It is good to go a just seat down, have a tea, play a game and walk around to see the ponds, different trees and flowers, like in a bush. Today while we were relaxing playing a game we were invited from one of the ladies to come to a pond and see the Dragon flies that are just now after 5 years of living in the water emerging and soon they will use their wings to fly and then dye after only 15 days.

Olivia in the nursery and Justyna at home, I was free to join a neighbour who come to pick me up to go to watch his group of friends playing indoor bowls, The game was disputed inside the church, They just moved the chairs open the carpet over the floor and game was ready to start. It was surely boring but I like sometimes the boredom, I was seating down for more than two hours watching the throwing their bowls, This time I could not play has I did not have the right shoes to play over the carpet, Probably next time. But the best was to meet new people and spend time with my neighbour Jim, I like him very much, and has the good thing of speaking all the time, so at least I do not need to worry about that.

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