Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beetroot fantasy

Morning drove us again to the GP to check if Olivia has any infection. The doctor again did not find anything suspicious, But back home she vomited and had diarrhea, so we are still not calm and we will need to keep following her. This is all very odd, on the way that she does not have anymore any fever, she does not complain about whatever and she does not look too weak, but also she does not look too well.

Today I would say it has started in our heads the countdown for our holidays in Portugal, It will be an opportunity to confirm that this is the Summer season, Here in London today we though even to switch on the heater, this gives an idea how has been this so called Summer time here. We all miss not only the weather but more the friends and the family and Olivia of course the beach.

I also had news from the Royal Free Hospital, I have already booked my next radiotherapy session, which will gonna be straight after comeback from Portugal. I am happy to have this day already down in the calendar, in this way I can now plan a bit more the future.

Down a picture of the beetroot fantasy, that I found very funny. Apparently it is not only funny when it comes out. This vegetable is an essential product of our diet, but often scares me when I am going to the toilets, as it is coming always very red, like blood. It is necessary to keep cold blood to see it.
Olivia has been very generous with my figure.

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