Friday, July 29, 2011

The Parrot

We have not stop in our search for a path to help me to heal my wounds, Today I was reminded that I cannot do only radiotherapy every three months and in the gaps just wait, I need to help myself to get rid of my anguish and diseases. I would like to see myself with more faith and believing a bit more in what can be offered to me, this would help me a lot. So this morning we had an appointment with an herbalist and my friend Bia. She will help me to get better, the strategy is to go more deep in the Chinese herbs, do more meditation and visualizations, and probably in the future I will ask Bia for more help.

I cannot explain but this is going already for few weeks and I have not found any calm or tranquillity, I am constantly upset, sad and distress. I hope soon I will find more peace. Not all is bad and this afternoon I had a good time, we all went to meet Shubhi, Tom, Ryan and Tazz. As Olivia would say, we all went to meet her own friends, She is reaching more and more a stage of independence. However she is now the biggest and the only Parrot that I now, she is often behind repeating everything what we tell, this more when we are communicating in English. Now she is parroting and what will come next, probably Macaco de Imitação.

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