Saturday, July 2, 2011

In the carousels

I took a risk of challenging my virus, I am better from the flu but it is not definitely gone. Today with such a lovely day outside I could not stay at home all the time, We went in the morning to a reading story session for kids in the Waterstone's, This event has been advertised for a weeks but apparently only Olivia had turned out, The poor lady that was the reader was already thinking that she will be off but Olivia did not allowed her to stay without working, Olivia wanted to listen two stories.

I do remember to say and to write here in the blog once after one of those unforgettable appointments with the oncologists :( after so many bad emotions for all of Us and even more to Olivia as she does not know all the full story yet, I promised to her and here, the first time a Funfair would come around our home we will go altogether to enjoy and have fun in the carousels, and today it came the day, Olivia was in a different Universe, enjoying the small carousel and the cars and myself in the Big carousel.

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