Friday, July 1, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

The worst is the night and morning, my flu does not want to go away, I have been trying with steam water, probiotic, yokult yogurt, honey, But so far I have been unable to beat the virus. Today I went to the GP, he examined me and at least for him it looks only a simple inflammation of the respiratory system, and he advised me antibiotic. I will keep the antibiotics in a hold, as I would like to keep myself also away from that drugs as much as it is possible. For the same reasons I decided to not take anymore the Clarytromicine that I was having daily, to not kill all the good bacterias. Apart from my trip to the doctor I stayed the rest of the day at home, I did some painting and relaxed.

Olivia had a day out with Justyna, She keeps mastering her dancing skills. And seeing how much she loves to read the book of the Sleeping Beauty I can predict that her first ballet dancing will be the same Sleeping Beauty. The day had almost a tragic chapter when the Olivia's friend, the Elephant disappeared and was already given lost by Olivia. They went back to the ballet classes but the teacher sadly also did not find the elephant. But it was me who discovered it inside my bed. Olivia when back home was very happy to find again her close friend and mate of her sleeping waiting for her in the door. So the beauty is again sleeping with the elephant or Trobas for us.

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