Saturday, July 16, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood

I cannot foresee anything more exciting than to listen in the morning the weather forecast for the day and for the rest of the week. Today and as usual they were saying, we would have rain, tomorrow light rain and after tomorrow heavy rain, etc. This is definitely the country of the scorchio, Remember The Fast Show when the weather forecast for Greece was always hot days but here and in Scotland always rainy.

At least it makes easy to make the plans for the week, If possible stay at home :)
Today we did not have only rain from the sky, we had also Stars falling, In the church there was some kids singing popular songs, I did enjoy very much and their quality surprised me very much. It is a good feeling to listen talented people.

In spite of the busy morning, I have been very tired, The sugars are not too high but I was so tired, the legs had constantly cramps what happens usual due to the diabetes. Nevertheless, at the first Sun spell in the afternoon I convinced myself to come out of the bed and go for a walk with the family. It was the best decision possible, The walk was wonderful, Olivia also enjoyed the walk through the forest, it was an area that we do not go often, with a lot of different trees. Around the lake we met and had a conversation with a lovely lady, I wish all the best for her and her family, She also finds her life difficult.

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