Sunday, July 3, 2011

Flying high

The body is telling to stop but the mind wants to carry on, to have fun and avoid times not doing nothing or thinking nothing. Today, I had this invitation to see an exhibition of a group of artists in one of those artist's house, One of those artists is my art class teacher, Christine Watson, I could not miss it and to show how proud I am of her. It was wonderful to spend time around all the circles of Art, there was ceramic works, sculpture, textile and paints. Olivia did behave wonderful considering that there was plenty of dliticated scupulturs and ceramic works around. Christine was telling me how embarrassing was yesterday to see a kid breaking one big pot, But our Olivia was more like a cat in a porcelain house. It was a day to learn a lot or better to borrow some inspiration.

When we are happy in one place it is sensible to go back, so it was what we did, we all went back this afternoon to the East Barnet Festival, the one with plenty of music, activities and also funfairs. We did all to see Olivia having fun, there were chocolates, ice-creams, crisps but overall plenty of carousels, She literally was flying all the time. This thing of feeding the happiness of a child not only with things, objects but also with immaterial things is always a never ending process, It is like feeding something that never will be full. Any mistake or missing something and we are back to the beginning again.

Last thing just to tell that I am happy with a small Radio that I picked up today from the freecycler, Now we can listen music in the Kitchen.

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