Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It is the beacon of our garden, our Sunflower reached now the maturity, I have observed it since it was a seed and then a child and now opened completely its face and spreads its beauty to whatever comes to see it. Today, I caught by a chance a bee dazzled with its attributes. I am really in love more and more with our garden, we spent some of days like today almost all the time in it.

Olivia just come indoors to bake muffins for tomorrow, as she is expecting visits, I confess that I already tried them today and I am telling that they are delicious. Also, she came inside only to have her bath which was with me and her night sleep. Tonight, she insisted she would read for me and mother instead of the other way around, Justyna fall asleep with Olivia reading, while myself slipped downstairs to write this lines.


mrosaliajose said...

Hello dears

I love your sunflower!
Ollie is so cute.
I hope you are getting better.
When are you going to Algarve?
I hope we will be together.


Luís Ganhão said...

Hélder, belo girassol para alegrar o vosso Verão.
Vou de férias, voltaremos a "ver-nos" por aqui em breve.

Jokas aos 3 de nós os 3 :-)