Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Please forgive me

Not always is Olivia who needs to apologise to me, today it was me who needed to apologise to her, For a small and insignificant thing I got out of me and I screamed with her, after I felt even more upset and bad with myself. Screaming is never the best way to teach whatever I want to Olivia, The problem is never with her it is rather with me, I must be careful to not get out my frustrations on her.

The good thing about the kids is, is in the next moment they forget and forgive Us. The afternoon has been the opposite, I have been found my calm and relaxation, There was a lovely Reiki session where for the first time I found a sea of purples.

Now we are having a large family night, Justyna has her friend Gosha in London to visit us and also Vasco come to spent the evening with us. It is great to have our friends around.

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