Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Grande Familia

There were big plans for today but another virus from the size of nothing let all our plans down, The neighbourhood picnic will be tasted only next year. This time was Olivia since morning is incubating a virus and the fever is showing its power. Probably it was past by me. I noted that something was not good and normal, because in the church she was not the girl who wants to read and paint but instead she took even her pillow and was resting her head throughout the mass.

But even the bad things has the good side, The virus let us have a day more close to each other, around the bed, Olivia enjoyed so much to watch the A Grande Familia of elephants in our bed that she would fall asleep and pee as well on that. Now it is necessary to wait for the Sun to dry the mattress, until there we are sleeping in the sofa.

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