Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beginning of Holidays

In the morning I went to the Hospital to do another weekly blood tests while Olivia went with Justyna to the doctor due to the diarrhoea that has been latent, The doctor again did not find anything nasty plus back home Oli did a more hard poo which was very encouraging. Despite this troubles she could not miss the party in her nursery, specially that this would be her last day, so she could not stay at home. She dressed her fairy costume, in fact it was Lilac fairy from the Sleeping Beauty, and took the cakes and sandwiches and joined her colleges to the party. To be honest I do not remember to see her so happy and energetic as I saw her in the way from home until the nursery . Probably she was thinking that this was the starting of her Holidays, I remember myself the feelings of finishing a term and starting days in the beach and playing all the time.

We picked up Olivia slightly earlier from the party because in the afternoon we went to see again the psychoterapist, While we went inside the room Olivia stayed with Shubhi, she had a special treat, there was ice creams and toy shop. Today's meeting with the psychologist I did found very useful, I must take a lot of lessons from the conversation with her.

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