Monday, July 25, 2011

No Blight

Back to London the weather was still in the mood of Summer, The kids started holidays and Olivia's park is the proof of that, completely full of children. Olivia looks now eager to do friends and to understand what does it mean the friendship, In Wales she got mad with a little girl she met there, Madeleine. Today in the park also as soon as somebody cried for her and asked her to play together, Olivia does not have any more word, she just sees this new friend, it is like if the world would have finished around them :)

In the afternoon she played in the garden with Jean, and of course her favourite game to play with friends is the Doctor and patient. Later, there was still time to finish the harvest in our garden, there was the potatoes to be collected, Luckily there was no Blight and now they just need to be washed and be cooked. These are our first organic potatoes.

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