Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleep over

Through my Life I woke up already with several moods but like today I do not remember, When I stood up from bed I came downstairs and even before I reached the toilets I felt a very weird swollen in my neck, something that was moving through the neck until the shoulders inside the skin and I never felt there until this morning. With not panic but also knowing that my day will gonna change, I decided straight, that I will not go to the workshop about drawing and paint that was booked for today and I picked up the phone and I called to the hospital to ask about this. The nurse from the oncologist team said that it looks like a Lymph node but to speak firstly to the GP, which I did after I got an appointment in end of the morning. The GP said, I should not be too worried as this looks like a gland, and probably is related with any infection, and in fact I have been with a cold for almost a month. So now I will wait and see if this is nothing in special, which I hope.

So, after this event the day turned completely direction, until afternoon I felt quite awkward, mostly for missing the hours with my drawing tutorial :)

But we had the compensation in the evening, we went to spend the evening and past the night in Veena and Krishna's house. We had nice food and a lot of laugh.

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