Saturday, August 29, 2009

Swans as Liver

Following the request from the Oncologist and because of my discomfort in the belly, today I went for an ultra sounds in the Hospital. It is amazing how good the system works here when compared with other ones, I am sure one of them would be the Portuguese. Because of the emergency of my case they called me in the middle of the week and offered me this booking for the weekend. Here the system exists to serve and help people but not the people to serve the system as I have seen before in other places. I am grateful for that.

And also because of feeling thanked to the system and to the medicine, when today somebody called me from the Moorfields Eye Hospital regarding to a study about infection in the eyes I straight accepted their request. I already once helped in one survey when I had an infection around six years ago because of using contact lenses and now they picked up my name for another survey. I am really famous. They informed me now that this study will focus on the genetic side, In the beginning I was bit reluctant because of that but after I though about how much I been received from the medicine and I decided to offer whatever they need from me in the name of the progress of the same medicine.

Back to my Ultra sounds, The examination went peaceful, without any stress from the technician side, what I judge as a positive thing, The results I will have in the next Friday when I will see again the oncologist. She looked all around the belly, She had an easy life, because where it was suppose to be the Spleen, Gallbladder there is nothing, only to check the Liver, Stomach, bowls, Pancreas and the empty spaces. She was impressed with the scars, for her they looked great and she was astonished with the recovery of the Liver, She mentioned that normally the Liver has an average length of 15 inches (almost 40cm) and mine got 13.6 inches at 10.00 AM, so far. Now 12 hours after I do not know. Remembering that has been cut it 65% of the Liver also I felt impressed with myself even if I did not contributed consciously for that growth. Imagining if I did not want that my Liver grows, looks that I did not have any other possibility to avoid that phenomena. Definitely we are not in the control of our destiny.

Only compared with my restless Liver only the Swans in the lack close to the Royal Free Hospital, After my operation they were small babies as in the pictures bellow but after 4 months they also grown and are not small any more, Today I visited them and the analogy with my Liver was automatic, They might think the same.

Four months ago

Now the same family

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Carla said...

Olá Helder e Princesas,

Que o resultado seja bom! Estamos a torcer!

A Família Tomarense!!! (ex-algarvia)
Marta, Miguel, Carla e Luis Damásio