Friday, August 28, 2009

Supreme doctor

In the morning before we get on board in Shuby's and Tom's with destiny Oxford we went for an appointment with dentist for Olivia, She has developed some dark colour around the teeth. For the dentist this is related with some bacteria that develops in the glads and turns the saliva with an element that creates that colour. The problem will not damage the teeth but apparently will not go away, She will need to do constantly cleaning in the dentist. We need to ask for another opinions as also the dentist was Portuguese :)

Afterwards and on time we took a lift, also Parih and Rossan come with us to Oxford. Rossan could see her friend Mark while we went for a walk around this beautiful city, The city of doctors. Shame that my acolytes were in holidays, so we missed the students spirit. But not the warmth of our friends.

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