Friday, August 14, 2009

Tazz a special animal

Today my first words is going to Tazz, a beautiful dog and very warm animal, He is very friendly and a member of all our family. He is at the Hospital at the moment but I am sure he will be good soon and spread his innocent and gracious smile through Shuby's house. The friends are for life. Special Olivia loves him.

In the Afternoon I needed to go to Kings Cross to sort out papers, I went back to a place where I lived for 3 years when I come to London, unfortunately Bill was not there. This area it really become a hub, a lot of people and traffic everywhere. Afterwards more business were expected us, I went to a college in Camden to enrol to a course. Starting as a beginner I will try to get some skills in drawing and painting, I am looking forward to start the course that will run for 12 weeks. I think also it will be good to get me more out of house and do something that I think I like.

There we went to Cafe Lisboa to taste some Portuguese snacks and Justyna had her Latte or Galao. And to attest how small is the World, outside we met a former patient of UCL when I was hospitalized there last year, The life has not been easy for him, unfortunately the loneliness and the sugars as he is diabetic are his worst enemies, It was sad to see him. I felt so even more upset with myself because I could not do nothing.

In the evening I noticed that past exactly today a year since the first operation, It is a day to remember as everything started in this day.

In the evening we had the visit of Kasha & Rafi, it was very enjoyable their presence, We could laugh a lot.

London in its best, the Kaleidoscope of colours

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