Saturday, August 8, 2009


All day we been trying to minimise the impact of been back to London in Olivia, Overall because the limited space she has within the flat, Thus, we went either morning and afternoon for a different playgrounds around home. She is in a time that wants everything she sees, even finding more appetite if does not belong to her. Premonitory of our days this afternoon we met a lovely Jewish gentleman, It can been seen in the picture below with dark dress speaking with Justyna. We had a very nice conversation, He was very peaceful and a joyful to speak. We were speaking in Spanish about History, actually he spoke because of my limited wisdom. But it was easy to understand how big mistake Portugal and Spain did when expelled all the Jewish from Iberia, Now only resting a community in Belmonte, which he was aware.

I love London because of the opportunity to find people with all backgrounds and then just speak and learn.

I cannot forget to tell the surprise that I had this morning, When I waked up Justyna prepared already the breakfast, but essentially she had bought in the morning a fresh Watermelon :) Sometimes is like that, we need to complain to eat what we want. Viva a Melancia.

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