Wednesday, August 5, 2009


At last the hollydays finished. We all are very sad, Tomorrow morning we will wake up and will not be with dogs, will not listen the crickets, will not feel the heat, will not see the grand parents and Daniel. Also we lost our baby Olivia in Algarve, now we re taking to London already the girl Olivia, much more mature, no more shy, open to new people, not fear the sand and sea. But even more changed was in me. This days in Algarve I past through a deep process of transformation, Definitely from human I become a semi specie human-cockroach, The color is totally black with some white stains in the palm of hands, My body acquired 3 more kg, The food from my mum as expected let my weight soared to 66 kg, The goggles below also grown naturally in my face and with that I lost some of my sight, And my locomotion is more fast probably to chase the predators, The only problem I am now facing is whenever I turn around and my belly faces the top and sky I have a problem to turn again to the normal position.This is a time where I am very vulnerable, only Justyna can helps me. I think is due still from the surgeries and cuts in the belly, I hope with time this will gone away. Today I was scare when I cross in my way with a bizarre but beautiful chameleon.I felt in love for the lizard. But knowing the low status of my new condition I even did not try to catch any conversation with that glamorous figure. I am also scare of moving now to London, not because of the swine flu because this species are much more resistant to that virus than the human, but my fear is because of the unknown of my species by the British.


jorge henriques said...

Olá Helder and family
Pois é assim acontece sempre quando estamos a gozar em pleno as férias e com vontade que não acabe temos de ir embora...
Mas pelo que li e vi foram umas férias para retemperar forças e até deu para voltar mais pesado hehehe( que bom )
Foi para mim um gosto ter-te voltado a ver e fiquei contente por ter constatado o teu bom aspecto e claro de ver a princesa já maiorzinha hehehe e tambem claro a wife que é uma simpatia.
Boa viagem até ás terras de sua magestade hehehe
Um abraço

Anonymous said...

Olá Helder!

Apesar do pouco tempo que estivemos juntos, gostei de estar convosco.
Que bem que ficam os vestidos à Princesa Olivia!!
Bom regresso e tudo de bom!
Em breve vou enviar-te o Guia de Recursos da Comunidade no Apoio à Pessoa com Doença Oncológica.

Beijos para todos

Carla Damásio