Sunday, August 2, 2009

Festa da N.Sra da Rocha

As usual we woke up in the beach, Olivia could enjoy the last weekend in the beach with Daniel. We could stay for a while with Pedro, Vasco, Susana and Carminha and families. At lunch we had the visit of my cousins Julieta and Zeca, My cuisine Julieta was a revelation as a cook.

In the evening we went to a the celebration of N.Sra. da Rocha, It is a party that is part of my childhood, and N.Sra. da Rocha has been an inspiration for my mum and for me, It was great to comeback home and see so many familiar faces. My mum visits this shire every single day, it is therefore a place where she finds her peace, and last year my mum kept a candle on when I was in the hospital
Virgin Mary is going to the beach to bless the fishermen and their boats

My mum is in the shoot for accident with yellow jersey

Lunch with my cousins
This time Alexandre did not catch any fish

Lazy cockroach

yesterday in my sisters birthday party

Last day in the beach for Maria, Josef and Gab

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