Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Use your illusion

As planned the Dermatologist removed a sample of the scalp to investigate what is the nature of the infection I have in the top of my head. To remember will be two stitches to accumulate to the hundreds I have been collecting in the last year. Also I am bringing home a medicine for an inflammation that I also have in my chest, and the nails will be checked in the next appointment. The nails become with a strange shape more after the chemotherapy. The list of diseases are endless.

Olivia is teaching us how to visualize the life, The Secret is all the small good things deserved always to be hyperbolized and the small bad things never emphasised and neglected if possible, only in that way we are creating an illusion that helps to built up a worth future and to turn the dreams reality. Facing the same thing somebody that only could see drama and other person see something positive, I am sure the first one will not get anything from that. Probably due to her age Olivia is a master of illusion. And we do not have anything to lose following her.

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