Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally, almost in the last day we managed to leave Algarve and go to Seville, Justyna for a long time had dreamt to go to this destination, I suppose her skills in dancing this type of music from Seville play a big role, She loves the Sevillanas and Flamenco in general . Unfortunately is something that I am not skilled, By the way I do not remember any dance where I could have a go, Legs is not my strongest part in my body. The trip is not to long, about 2.5 hours, The way back I was already very tired, Olivia slept after all the excitement. Straight when we arrived in Seville I had a punch in the tyre, So it did not started in the best way, but after it come better. We walked around, tried tapas. The heat was as I expected, 41 degrees :)

Olivia took a bath in the public fountain, The tourists that were passing near by took a pictures of her

View when we arrived
Often we find this aged trees, With a small effort we can find figures out of the trunk and branches, Of course I always built up some naked lady,but sometimes some animals
Justyna was looking for her brother

My mate from some trips

The roots are amazing

A star in the Seville streets
Tapas are great
Bye bye Seville

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Madalena said...

My dear Helder

Foi uma pena não termos conseguido ver-nos no Algarve. As fotos estão lindas e a Olivia uma maravilha, que pena a Martinha e o Gui não terem tido a oportunidade de brincar com ela. Martinha já se encontra bem e se tudo continuar assim tentaremos ir de férias na próxima semana. Obrigada pelo vosso apoio e preocupação no meio de tantas coisas e visitas que tinham para fazer. Beijinhos grandes de todos nós para ti, Justina e Olivia.