Monday, August 17, 2009

Reading the clouds

It is true, it past already 4 mounts after the last surgery, and tomorrow for the first time I will go to see the surgeon in a routine appointment, He will let me know the results from the scans done last week, I also need to tell him that my tummy has been very hard and the back is also sore. I am feeling the normal nervous, but not much. Today we relaxed, I tried to read The unbearable lightness of being and at sometime read the clouds, They predicted a good day for tomorrow and as in the book the bad clouds had already gone and the same never will turn back. The future never will be repeated :)

I will have all my life this kind of appointments, so there is no point to carry with me all the time an awful distress and hanger. All will be sort out. Fortunately also Tazz had some signs of improvement today.

Big kiss for all of you.

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