Monday, August 24, 2009

Family clerk

Good news in the morning was that Tazz is still recovering very well and the results from the biopsy to the tumour he had removed in the bowl was negative. We all were very happy for Him. As usual the afternoon was filled up with Olivia, even more as she skipped her noon nap. We went back to 70's with the movie Together, but Olivia did not allow us to finish.

Throughout the day I needed to face few hypoglycemias, Sometimes is difficult to understand why, but probably the Liver and its new condition is confusing all the body and myself with the amount of insulin I am injecting, Fortunately the low sugars state it was not so severe as I had in the past, I could recover quickly.

Using the mechanism of a scale, the same Olivia as I said did not want to sleep in the afternoon but in compensation in the evening before 9.00PM she was already sleeping. Long evening for us, long time I have not that feeling. From the windows opened we could listen the crowns and all kind of birds that inhabit the gardens in front of us. The noise are loud and looked as if they were distressed, It is not very pleasant although sometimes help me to forget my loneliness when all are sleeping and I am sitting in the living room reading a book or in the Net. This night Justyna was busy with paper work. Although I was clerk for my subsistence is Justyna nowadays who is the organizer and responsible for the papers at home. I believe the statements and bills and papers to fill up were so many that she got lost among the bills, For hours I did not listen neither seen her, I was already worried when I notice her sighing, She was a live. Job was done.

Lastly just to let you know that he Christmas season has already started here in London, Some shops as Selfridges have their vitrines with all decoration allusive to the season, Ridiculous.

Down you probably would think I got a new job as a clerk, or selling tickets for football but in reality Me and Olivia took a job in selling beers, bifanas e coratos in the entrance of a football stadium. Never seen in London.

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