Sunday, August 23, 2009

Magnificent Sunday

What a Sunday, Sunny and very hot, Today we decided to start our day earlier, In fact it was Olivia who did not give us any choice, Taking advantage of our early bird we went out when everybody was still a sleep, Having our breakfast in a very simpatico Italian shop. Normally good breakfast means great days, the people use to say, If not they should say.

I do not have memory of doing topless in London as I did it today in the park. Today we went to a park where we use to go when we lived in Seven Sisters, It was in Lee Valley. Before we got there we had along journey not only because the rail is off during the weekend but also we had a diversion to pick up some books.

But fortunately early afternoon we finally reached Kaska and Rafi's house and straight away we went to the park, They cooked a lovely meal to have for our picnic, The place was near the canal. The afternoon was so much relaxed even if must of the time I was outside because the Polish was the main language around table. The grass was a magnificent carpet to Olivia and her plays.

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