Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Daniel in his first aniversary


For thousand reasons it was a shame we were not today in the Algarve, 999 reasons you already know but the other one is we could be in the anniversary party of Daniel. We only could witness by the Messenger, Any way we could taste the spirit and see how Daniel was happy, Congratulations and take it easy because much more will come and we hope to be present.

In the afternoon we took a break of doing nothing and went to visit our friend Shuby, We all missed her as well as Tom, Ryan and Taz. It was wonderful to be together again around the table, making me remember Portugal. Also was lovely to meet for the first time Shuby's friends and now ours, Pary and Russa. Olivia was very happy to meet her new friends. The conversation was very warm and friendly, from somebody that wants very much the good of each other.

In the evening we arrived at home to see the anniversary of Daniel in the Internet, The tea in our home was very joyful with Ryan, speaking openly about life and our experiences. Secrets in between friends.

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