Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We are all going very well, Tazz is recovering pretty well, Even without Shubhy, has been taking some days off, Tazz is recognizing Justyna Olivia and me as his family as well as Ryan. He is already barking when some neighbour come around and eating and drinking better. I understand what he is passing through, Takes time but both will get there on the top.

Today I am feeling better, probably because to the easy days we are having, just relaxing, reading, playing with Olivia. Even I challenged Rayna to draw me and I would draw him, the result was very encouraging to me, for Ryan it was the business as usual, He did a masterpiece of my face, Congratulations. He was a good friend when took me 10 years away in the draw.

Justyna is tring to relax and taking advantage of the fact of Olivia been much more calm in the last days, but that is always finding barriers from the dark clouds that surrounds the skies in Poland.

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