Thursday, August 13, 2009

Povo que lavas no rio

In honour to our blood, half Portuguese and half Slavic and both people deeply influenced by the nomads Gypsy, we decided to set a Estendal or tenter in our house, additionally to the barrack of Olivia set in the living room. The space is not too much, the weather is not helping and the clothes are too much. If this fashion sticks around soon our neighbourhood will be entitled the Lisbon of London. In the future we are thinking to go to Thames to wash clothes.

We both like very much the traditional Lisbon with with clothes hanged in the facades.

Today I might have done too much, I went alone two times to the park with Olivia, after I had a very sharp pain in the back, also my sugars drop, Then I was very stressed. I think it is the nervous that are around me and are influencing the body, Today I felt discomfort every where, Now at home I am already much better.
Can you see a small girl in the middle of the field, Is Olivia

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