Sunday, August 16, 2009

Volta a Portugal em bicicleta

I am very grateful to a compatriot, she is a Portuguese lady that I met in the Freecycle some time ago, today again she called us because she would like to give to Olivia few more toys and clothes from her older daughter. Olivia still does not fit in most of the clothes but the Little People she loves it. To reach her house we all went trough the streets of London in a race equivalent to the the major race of bicycles in Portugal, the only thing is that London is not in Portugal.

At lunch we had the visit of Vasco, unlike Vasco da Gama, our Vasco gets always lost to get our home. If Vasco da Gama would be like my friend instead of the Portuguese reach India would probably reach firstly Australia. Actually some historians says that it was the Portuguese the first Europeans to reach Australia. Such a rubbish conversation this one today, Forgive me :)

In the afternoon we moved for all week to Shuby's house, This to help Tazz his recover as Shuby might need to go away for a few days. It is a pleasure to could help them as well. Today Tazz come home from the hospital, he is better but we can see that he is still very weak.
Premio da Montanha

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