Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

As long as I am witnessing Olivia grown up as more as increasing my doubts about my paternity :), She is a gracious human being, all her movements are harmonic, With only one year she is not only a fruit of this civilization but also a tree, She stands on the table, the cutlery and napkins are indispensable to help her to eat. In the counterpart is her father, along time ago lost his human being condition, Generously we could call it a Pan, with half donkey another half human. In the restaurant he behaves as a completely animal, The sounds when its jaws moves trying to grate the food accompanied by the fluids that emerged to help swallow the food it shows all the bestiality in the mirror, The hands are his only tools to attack the food, He does not have any sensibility in the use of the tongue to taste the food, In fact we believe that the tongue does not exist. The food is looked only as a resource for his survival. It was a pity to witness the rest of the family in the Nandos today.

At home grotesquely he rarely uses clothes showing all his gorillas nature, Olivia always laughs of its poor condition, poorly her father thinks she is having fun with him.

Tomorrow we will go again to the hospital, the new front is related with the Dermatology, I will have a biopsy to the tissue in my scalp, I am having a infection in the head for a long years and they will try to discover what is it. This time the anesthesia will be local.

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