Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hunting with a cat

Probably today we closed our Beach season, We went down to Brighton. As we used to say in Portugal, who does not have a dog hunts with a cat, means without our dog, the beaches in the Algarve, down... ...We hunt with the cat, the beach in Brighton. Another famous RivieraAlthough we also have our dogs in England, This majestic become friend of Olivia. Beautiful Millie

Olivia never turned her face to a concert of orchestra. It was hard to me to take her away from the performance

The princesses in their Royal chairs
The Museum
The main attraction, the East Peer

In Sunbath
The East Peer, that dust in peace

The weather was the business as usual.

Where is Helder, He is Omnipresent they should know by now

Kaska with French accent

London on the way to South
Still in the underground

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